Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The call of the 'materialistic' life

Its not that I am ill, nor I am engrossed in the world cup. Similarly none of my so called 'girlfriends' have deserted me which would have plunged me into depression. Its just that I am right now busy in playing my part in increasing India's GDP and to a smaller extent increasing my incomes too.

Since I have started working I have started missing those old good days when there was nothing to do ; just blog and just orkut...and so many 'just'!

I have always believed that men always thinks that the grass is greener on the other side or in my case it WAS greener. Now my belief has just got stroger.

Saw a very nice movie on STARONE yesterday 'The Chosen one'. (had that bout of 'nostalgia' again!!) Also would say that if u can, then go through "Like the flowing River" by Paulo Cohelo, in all probablity its his best work. I have only read a part of it and it has left a lasting impression on my heart as a good book should.

Have to go.. someones calling.


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