Sunday, June 21, 2009

Why and till when...

It has been more than one month since i have posted anything on my blog. No, i have not lost interest in blogging neither have i lost my ability to write.

Most of my time i am deviating between my new job and a new house.The remaining moments is spent on setting up a new home.

As I joined SBI and shifted to Bhopal, i had to start things from scratch and i would like to add that still not much has been accomplished. The first thing that i purchased was a gas stove :).

A gas stove purchased from my own salary,well, that is some thing to narrate to my grand children in the near future. Then came basic utensils, a pan for boiling eggs and preparing coffee.

What next? May be a laptop. No, not maybe, a laptop for sure.But till then, Please bear with me.

Manzilein itni bhee door nahee...


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