Sunday, August 27, 2006

We the people

The Indian constitution states ‘We The People Of India’. It doesn’t differentiate between an Oriya, a Maharashtrians or a Bihari. Though that cant be said about the Indian politicians.

It’s nothing less than unfortunate that political parties in India and specially the BJP can go to any extent to increase their vote bank. This was visible when Pramod Mahajan stated that Maharashtrians would not tolerate the 'dadagiri' (bullying behavior) of Bihari students and warned them to maintain low profile or face consequences.

Previously also the Shiv Sena had assaulted Bihari candidates who had come to Mumbai to give competitive exams. India as a country does not belong to any particular community or class. Everyone has a right to work and earn his livelihood anywhere in the country, the constitution envisages it. The reason behind this is to strengthen the unity and integrity of India.

The constitution of India expressly states that every citizen of Indian has the right to move to any part of the country freely. Article 15 of the constitution prohibits discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth. Whereas Article 19 (1) (d) and 19 (1) (e), says that all citizen shall have the right to move freely throughout the territory of India and to reside and settle in any part of the territory of India.

Every state in India is dependents on the other either directly or indirectly. Be it electricity, water sharing or food. The simple reason being that each state in itself is not self dependent. Some region of the country abounds in food crops, some in electricity and some in timber. The constitution has nowhere said that a particular state or a city would be restricted for the outsiders.

Perhaps with time Pramod Mahajan and the Shiv Sena have gained more authority than the constitution.Shiv sena in 2003 launched the `Me Mumbaikar' campaign shouting on top of its voice that Mumbai belongs to Mumbaikars and no outsiders would be allowed to earn their livelihood or compete in state exams. The people who say that no outside people should be allowed in to Mumbai should ask themselves a question that is Mumbai just made up of the Maharashtrians or does it includes other people from all over the country and would Mumbai continue to function as its functioning now if all national aid is stopped, or all the other non Maharashtrians leave Mumbai?

They argue that these non-mumbaikars are putting pressure on the already over burdened resources of the city and that these migrants are also instrumental in increasing the slum population. But those people who are arriving in Mumbai or for that matter to any other metropolitan city are they doing this by their free will? The answer is ‘No’. No one likes leaving his homeland and working in some other place that too when you have to live in slums. Those poor migrants who have migrated have done so because they have no other options. Poverty, unemployment force them to do so, they are not attracted by the glitters of that place.

Feeling of statehood should not be given priority over nation hood, a state is a state if and only if the nation exists. If from tomorrow UP declares that UP is for the “Uttar Pradeshi”, next day the Punjabis , and then Delhi and so on, then each state will in itself become a country which just for the namesake would be a part of India.This intra regional conflict that the leaders politicize if not stopped will soon turn into a danger which will threaten the nation’s integrity.

These pseudo-politicians should be made aware of the repercussions their statement can generate, not for their state but for the country.exists.

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