Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ram Setu , Karuna Nidhi and the CAT ; So much to write

The recent one month has
been kind of 'laid back' period as my activities have been limited to attending the coaching class for MBA preparations and internet-socializing. Orkut lost its monopoly and i got hooked to Facebook and Shelfari.

Even though there have been so many political issues that i have felt the urge to write-on still i have not written anything substantial because whenever i open the news papers or the news-sites i find that my thoughts have already been penned down by someone else. Either i have lost my creativity or its just that everyones else opinion matches mine which in turn is shared by thousand others.

The Ram-setu controversy was one which could have been avoided. First Ambica Soni and then Karunanidhi fed fuel into the fire. If we go by the affidavit filed by the Cultural minister all gods should carry historical proof and evidence of their existence. And those who don't have any alibi to prove their existence then they don't exist in her book.

Karunanidhi went a step further and described Ram as a drunkard. An insane person like Karunanidhi should be given the least of attentions, clinically sick people like him thrive on the attention they get.

Everyone has the right to practise religion-ism or atheism but does it mean that an atheist, a person who is in a responsible position of CM can call a religious figure worshiped as god a drunkard?

Similarly some months back an artist drew pictures of god and goddess which to say the least were obscene.

Now, why would one draw god in obscene positions? Is that the only way left to show creativity? Is this art?

God in which ever form, holds a very sensitive position in our hearts and its existence is beyond any logic. It cannot be comprehended. One cannot insult religious belief under the garb of freedom of expression. And if they do, then they are misusing the freedom.

Coming back to the simple things of life, in all probability i will be going to Bhopal in the last week of October.

It's the season of Durga pujas and i just cannot miss Abhivyakti Dandiya thats organized in Bhopal every year and i feel somewhat proud to say that i have never missed one since its inception 8 years ago.

The Dandiyas, the Gujarati songs that color the atmosphere ( Pankidha 'O' Pankidha), the vibrant display of traditional dress wore by the beautiful pretty girls is just awesome, and one has to be there to believe it.

It has been more than one year since i left Bhopal , and still i become nostalgic at the mere mention of the city's name. I guess some memories become more stronger with the passage of time.

No one knows what future holds, the day i left PTI and enrolled into the MBA coaching i got an offer to work as a Journalist, again! That too in Oman. Now we have a situation! The money is good ( Gulf has only two things that lures a simple man like me and that is money and more money) and experts have opined that i should go and re-taste ( i have already tasted Doha) the feeling of sand and sun san the sea.

Then what about my dreams of becoming an entrepreneur ? ( a saying goes that one who can write the correct spelling of 'entrepreneur' at one go is sure to don the cap of a business honcho one day...and guess what ? i wrote it correctly. It seems we have a CEO in making). Entrepreneurship can wait, Gulf cannot. Now i am in a is sure good when someone else is there to take decisions on your behalf. When i was 12 i craved to be of 21 so i could take my own decisions, and now when i am of 24 i wish i never grew up.

The 'D day' for the CAT exams is 18th November, and i would have given you a 110% assurance that i would crack it, but for QUANT-MATHS. Simply put, me and maths share a Osama-Bush relationship. As a matter of fact we have a "Khandani Ladai' one in which lots of blood has been shed through generations. I see Quant as Mr.Dubya, Feared by the many and yet forced to loved.

There are many other 'D-days', the IRMA,the NMAT and the SNAP. I humbly believe that someday , one of the three will rise and say that they had enough of maths and when that happens that would be the salvation for me and for the thousands of others.

P.S- Just read some where that about 16,000 hyphens (-) from the English vocab have been done away with? If that's true then i must compliment the do-ers. I never liked distances between two letters of a word. It gave the impression that thet were going through a seperation period.

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