Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Just for a Thought

Recently over 13000 infants in China fell ill after they consumed toxic milk. The repercussions?

  1. The country’s highest ranked Quality controller chief resigned.
  2. The Communist party chief of the region where the main office of the rogue company is located was removed from his post.
  3. The country Premier asked for forgiveness from the affected parents.

Just for a thought can we expect the same thing to happen in India? Not the milk contamination; that happens everyday but the fixing of accountability, both legal and moral?

Judiciary is one of the four pillars of the Indian democracy. Until recently we thought that higher judiciary was free from ills that are somewhat rampant in the lower judiciary. Though people who dwell “in the power of corridor” will say that even the higher judiciary is fallible.

But then came Justice Soumitra Sen. Mr.Sen, who is accused of misappropriating 32 lakhs of rupees when he was still a practicing lawyer decided to ‘defend’ himself in the parliament against the impeachment proceeding that was recommended by Chief Justice of India. He will now become only the second high court judge in post-independence India who will face impeachment.

Accountability… moral-ethical- legal? You decide.

With elections looming large, political parties have decided to come to party. So should then be the news of the Centre asking some of the states to maintain law and order failing which president rule under article 355 would be imposed, seen in the same light?

This was after the activists of Bajrang dal allegedly carried out violent activities against the minority section.

I, by no mean intend to alleviate or justify what was done in Orissa, Karnataka or Madhya Pradesh. Violence of any kind on any ground against any religion, caste or creed should not be tolerated.

But just for a thought was Article 355 not applicable to Maharashtra. What about the region-based-violence that was carried out by the MNS goons? Doesn’t that warranted a firm stricture from the Congress on the same lines as was done in the recent case?

No it didn’t. Reason? The victims in Maharashtra were not from any minority religion. Secondly ,in case of Maharashtra the state was being ruled by Congress, unlike in the recent case where BJP was in picture.

Political opportunism-compulsion- hypocrisy? You decide.

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