Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I bid adieu

a silent stare,a silent nod,
your hair slips even more silently.
black eyes sparkle like a silent star,
with the charm in your voice to do the rest.

a soul moves like a silent leaf,
like a caressing wave,
a weightless cloud,
on a rainy night.

moon lights makes it even more beautiful,
your eyes, your deep black eyes.

at their captivating best,
my soul surrenders itself
with a heavenly pleasure deep in heart.

in the light of the darkness that spreads between you and me
I smile at my innocent action and my feelings,
that are for you and because of you

sitting by some place and no one near,
my heart and me will have a talk,
sharing some thoughts and laugh out loud,
as we head back home with the smiling stars and
and a happy moon to show us through

I bid adieu to one and all,
to all those unnamed places,
and to all the pleasent time that i was with you...

P.S- Some people are born to cheat and some are born to deceit.
But there will always be people who will still smile and forgive them, and I am not one of them :)


Sorcerer said...

wow! you got some good works in here

Anonymous said...



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