Friday, January 29, 2010

Kerala Diary-1

Have many a tales to tell
where to begin...where to end.

It is a new internet cafe, one opposite Bhaskar office where I sit and try to key in some exceptionally random thoughts. Don't have neither my dell nor the notebook which includes the diary linking my journey from Bhopal to Kerala.

The journey that passed through the beautiful Konkan Stretch through more than 69 tunnels made an otherwise boring ride a visual delight.

After a brief stay at INA I am back to my old place and to say that I am happily back would be an understatement. Also I had the twin privilege of ushering 2010 and my birthday in a moving train. I guess not everyone is so lucky or unlucky depending on the way you perceive it.

"Passing through tall trees
green fields,women in pink,flowing stream,
I go to places where I have never been before,
a heavy heart and a smiling past
to make sure that I reach ashore"

You can sit at the footsteps of a train going at a hair raising speed and ponder over how easy it is to end everything. Life included. And then you can again think about the rivers and streams and the tall mountains and think what they are talking to each other. What stories they might have shared with each other over the hundred years of sharing the same land.

The many a tunnels that dot the curved stretch make for a visual delight and then they also show you the meaning of light and darkness. Both literally and philosophically.

To be very honest life hasn't changed much or maybe it has. As Narayan Shankar says in the ever watchable "Mohabbatein" - I don't like changes Mr.Aryan".

But I look for change everywhere I go and to cherish those changes that might be painful sometimes is a way of enjoying life.

Keep smiling...A very happy 2010... the digits look good together ...may the year too bring more happiness and challenges.

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