Friday, March 18, 2011

Kalmadi and Raja reunited

New Delhi : Suresh Kalmadi and Andimuthu Raja are long lost brothers who got separated at childhood when they were running away from a BSNL linesman after they had stolen copper wires from him and if it was not for their respective embezzlement in 2G and Common wealth they would not have been reunited again, a ‘We-leak’ cable has revealed .

A cable no 01010101 dated 20.01.2010 from Joginder Clinton, Field Director, India CIA ( Corruption India Accentuated ) to Shri.Lalu Yadav ( State Head, CIA, Bihar) has revealed that  Kalmadi and Raja were brothers who got separated while trying to hide reel of telephone cables that they had taken from a BSNL linesman when he had come in their locality to repair a minor fault.

The linesman, whose name is Sardar Mohan Singh, after discovering the embezzlement, gave the brothers a chase as a result of which Raja took a train to South and Kalmadi landed in Pune, all at the tender age of seven years. Surprisingly though the CIA was aware of this fact for the last few years yet it chose to remain a mute spectator to this meteoric rise and fall of the brothers rather than acting as a guardian.

According to sources if it was not for a loose mouthed ED officer who was a part of the team that conducted raid on Kalmadi’s house, both the brothers would have never met.
It was during this raid that the officer who goes by a single name of Sanghviwrites told Kalmadi that his modus operandi matches that of another clean soul who goes by the name of King ( Raja) and who to is a well known businessman specializing in selling airwaves for money.

Later the supporters of Kalmadi, got into a back office diplomacy to make ground for the two brothers to unite.Phone calls were made between Kalmadi and Raja,currencies exchanged and also discussed were small notes on how to fool CBI. The final result of these efforts culminated in a tearful reunion during the swearing in ceremony at the time of  UPA II .

When we spoke to Kalmadi, he said that if it was not for the Common wealth games and the subsequent financial calamity which got him international fame he would not have known the whereabout of his cute innocent brother.

Not-surprisingly Raja too sang the same note and said that if it was not the Spectrum sale he wouldn’t have got the publicity and he would have been lost in the oblivion without being reunited with his brother.

Gabbar Moily, the law minister though is not amused and has taken a very serious note of this leakage of confidential information and has asked the Law ministry to take a suo moto cognizance of the blabbering by Sanghviwrites and book him for sedition. According to A. Raman of We Protect India, a think tank that works in the field of Corruption, this new age allying of the two brothers may bring more laurels for India and more money for the Swiss bank.

This Ram-Bharat milan has attracted Southern Leaders like DaruaNidhi who have also already started their parley to woo the ‘Rajamadi’ brothers to counter the Bellary brothers.

According to C.Raadia from Radi PR firm the partnership between the two is sure to kick up many a gale  as Raja is synonym for bringing many storms as his name suggest and he will be ably supported by Kalmadi, who can play many a games with equal ease, 

It will be interesting to see what the two brothers have in mind now. Suhel Bohat bolta hai Seth taking a jibe at the tearful reunion observed “If I was any of the two brothers I would have selected the forthcoming General elections or the  T-20 world cup scheduled for 2016.”.

And as we write this report, a PIL is reportedly being filed in the SC to preserve the DNA of the Rajamadi brothers so as to make sure that their legacy is not lost in case of a mass uprising like one that happened in Tunisia and Egypt.

Its noteworthy to mention that this  PIL was filed by a group calling themselves the Black Chadi campaigners immediately after a separate PIL was filed by Madhu Koda for the biased treatment meted out to him by the UPA government by not giving him a plum ministry inspite the fact he had a much larger largesse to show than the two brothers combined. According to him the natural justice of law has been violated and this neglect shows the condition of an Aam Aadmi under the present government.

Meanwhile in a separate yet similar incident the SC has dismissed a petition filed by "Harried Worried Swamy" to ask  Anand Sharma and Suresh Kalmadi to go for a DNA test so as to establish whether they were fraternal twins.  The Supreme court said that this was a case of common sense and any man of a normal vision will be able to make out whether any relationship exist between the two or not and there was no need for a DNA test for this trivial question.

Summing up the whole incident, Kalmadi expressed his gratitude to the media for covering his Commonwealth endeavor and said that it’s a sheer case of divine intervention that what started from stealing of cables has finally ended because of cables.

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