Sunday, June 03, 2012

Anonymous is an Idea

Sometime back I was able to speak to “Smart”, who is the founder of Anonymous, Romania. And this is what he said about the why, who and what they are all about. 

Q.What is Anonymous? Some say it is a group of hackers yearning for publicity.

A.First of all, you are wrong about Anonymous saying that it is a group of individuals who are hacking. "Anonymous is an idea. Anonymous is you, is me, is every single one of us who fights in every way for a better world. A free, uncensored, world."

Q.How do someone becomes a part of it?

A. Anyone can be part in the things what we do, just join the network! Get in touch with me and my brothers.

Q. How does the ‘idea’ as you have put it functions?

A.Every single guy who have the skills for it decides on his own in generally what to attack, there is no power-command or something like that. Anonymous have no leaders! Each one of us is his own leader!

Q. Why the attack on the government websites?

A. The purpose of taking out one or multiple websites, in general, is to attract attention on the problems there, generally the websites are government property, as we all know, governments steal. Right ? 'Don't steal- government hates competition.'

Q. You are doing something that is illegal and you are doing it proudly.

A. Hacking is illegal just because governments say so? Well, I think is not. If I have the skills to do this, I think I am blessed to do this. Just the way it is.

Q. What should the government expect in the near future?

A. Message for the world leaders: "We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us."

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