Thursday, January 25, 2007

An Individual's world

I finally got what I deserved; the hard work had finally paid off. I was crowned “Time‘s Person of the year.” Infact, not only me, but all of us were named as Person of the Year. This recognition has given me a sense of pride. It’s human nature to crave for recognition. There is nothing wrong in giving so much value to Recognition, after all an Altruist is an Altruist because other people see him Altruist and it’s the other individuals who decide “Altruism”.

Millions of people have been responsible for shaping the world. Its Political features, its Economic condition and its Social structure. One cannot point out a single person and say that “This was the human being who decided the dynamics of the world.” Politician, Entrepreneurs, Writers, Sportsperson are what they because of the numerous unnamed people who played small though a very vital role in deciding what they will become.

Subconsciously, unknowingly it’s we who are always deciding the future; what it will hold and what it won’t. What we decide is based on so many things; our expectations, our needs, our pride, our prejudice, our likes, our dislikes. It’s just like that we all are engaged in weaving a colorful blanket for the society, a blanket which instead of thread uses values like Faith, Religion, Democracy and Secularism. The blanket continues to take its shape, the old parts (the past) is destroyed and is worn out with the passage of time, that is what we call “History”. All these Characteristics like threads are like colors. For example let us presume that Blue color signifies Love and Red depicts Hate. So if we put more of the Blue color, we have more Love in the society. Although each one of us is working individually, still we are affected by the end result, because we all have to cover ourselves by the same blanket.
Michelangelo once said “Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle.” It’s the minute things; the ones we tend to ignore that play important parts in shaping an individual, a society and a civilization.

There have so been so many unsung people, who did many a great work, but since they worked collectively, in groups, no one knows them. How about the firefighters who died in 9-11, what about those labors who worked day and night so as to make sure that by the next monsoon a road was built connecting a remote village of Bihar to the main town . Like so many people, there are so many instances.

In context of the ever changing world of today, we tend to forget, how vital role, we are playing for the world and for ourselves. The power of a single individual has often been subdued, save those who in spite of being an individual still managed to transform into an institution in them. Perhaps, Times, an institution has finally found out that it’s the “Us” that will decide the future.

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