Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ironically human

Being a human can be very difficult sometimes. It’s very tiring and a complex thing; being human. Emotions of such proportions, each greater, distinctively different and deeper than the other, are constantly making their presence felt to us. Each one is asking for a greater autonomy, a homeland, a separate and special status. But as a seasoned politician our mind is, along with his coalition partner ‘heart’, they both manage to pacify each and every demand of these ‘emotions’, each one is promised a better deal and a better outlet.

Watching a beggar, with twisted arms, no legs, and a face that is the synonym of grief, can rake up many a different emotions and feelings in our mind. Sometimes pity, sometimes grief along with compassion and sometimes hatred towards the society and the state comes up in our mind. Sometimes we praise the lord, sometime we curse him. Our hatred and our respect and love, thanks to our faith are directed at someone, something who only “god knows” is how many light years away from us, sitting in some place which people call the ‘heaven’. Still we believe that our messages will be received, and we hope that they are not treated as ‘spam’. Perhaps they are received, and replied back, along with the CC and BCC. If it isnt then I don’t find any other reason why so many people congregate at the Kumbhs, and why so many people want to go to Mecca and perform Haj.

Coming back to the human mind in general and human emotions in particular, a Human brain mind is the most complex of all the minds the god has ever created, and to encompass in that a thing as complex and mind boggling as “emotions and feelings” is not a small feat.

Of all the emotions, it’s ‘love’ and ‘hate’ that stands out. A person loves someone so much that he would readily give his life for that person and on the other extreme someone hates a person so much that he won’t even blink his eyes when given the chance to take his enemy’s life.

Emotions and feelings are omnipresent in our life and in our mind. Human owe its birth to a series of ‘emotional actions and events’, not going into the biological details, emotions are the starting point of which the end result is the reproduction of a progeny. Then as one gets older, more emotions based relationship like sibling hood, friendship etc starts taking shape. We express our emotions by way of making friends, expressing love, running a shelter home for the animals or giving alms at the Red-light.

Animals sadly are de-voided of the vast range of emotions like human posses. That is why when we see an animal risking its own life for its offspring’s, or a dog showing love for its owner, or a dog and a cat cohabiting together peacefully, we are greatly bemused. A dog regularly visits the spot he was born, and a pigeon lives all his life at the same place where he first opened its eyes. These are purest form of emotions, devoid of any artificial taught feelings.

People in news or who made news are those who have, had either excess or very less of emotions.Then there are the Gandhi's, who have emotions for everyone, except for their own self and then there are the Saddam Hussein’s and the Dubyas who in a polite and civilized term can be called as “individualistic, barbaric and non-humane”. It’s the emotions that drive people to do what we call ‘crazy things’.

Camu, Marx, Shakespeare, Alexander all felt a surge of emotions at a point of time in their life and then they let out their emotions by way of doing what they did. Same was the case with Mandela and Gandhi. Emotions moved them, they “moved”, and with them the whole world moved.

When we read, study poems and verses, or watch a movie, we subconsciously are getting affected by what ever we are sensing by way of reading and watching. Our mind silently is capturing and grasping the emotional quotient that we are deducing. Similarly our mind, a canvass captures all the emotions like colors and we have ‘A Beautiful Mind”.

Sometimes we are so helpless and hopeless against our emotions (mostly when we have encountered the ‘Love Emotion’), that we decide, rightly so, that "today emotion would be my king and I his follower”.

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