Tuesday, May 29, 2007


The small water droplet falls from the grey sky
A lone streetlight illuminates the tiny bead

The highest leaves of the tallest tree
Spreads its arms for its wet friends

My mind wanders from one place to another;
Past becomes the present, and the future becomes so beautiful

gushing of kerwa
silence of upper lake
wet streets of VIP road
drenched couples
roads to college of excellence
ups and downs of Kaliyasot
trance of yesteryears so enthralling

Smell of the thirsty earth
Sound of a infant lightning
Coolness of the subtle breeze
same as they were when I first felt them years ago

past imprints become a traveling friend
with them I sail through the melodramatic mood
it rains...

1 comment:

nishant said...

abhee tak nahee bhuley bhopal? khair hum to bhool gaye they par after reading this phir se yaad aagyee


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