Monday, November 19, 2007

Battle lost

I am not the kind of person who holds grudges. But the same cannot be said about Quant. The age old rivalry between him and me saw more blood shed yesterday.

This battle took place at the 'CAT paper' ground and I was hopelessly outnumbered by 25:1. In the end I could only kill 6 of them but suffered a very heavy loss. My age old dream ( 3 months to be precise) of making IIMs my future abode was shattered.

Though I scored much more than the required cut-offs for IIMs in English and DI yet the wounds sustained during the fight with quant proved to be fatal and my ambitions died a slow death.

read this line somewhere...

If I die in combat zone
Box me up and send me home
Pin my medals to my chest
Tell my mom I did my best

Part II

Overheard someone murmuring " Jaan hai to jahan hai..IIM to paglo ka kabristan hai"..

No prize for guessing-- that someone was me. And 2 days down the CAT - Life's good..

"Tu nahee to koi aur sahee..koi aur nahee , koi aur sahee"

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jai said...

good one dude :)


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