Sunday, November 18, 2007

When the winds from past came calling...

Opinions and comments were found in abundance in 12-c Commerce section of JLNS. They used to be more frequent when a class was in progress. These vocal one-way dialogues were said in a way that was too subtle to be heard by the teacher yet loud enough to receive the attention and sometimes appreciation of the first row benchers.

One of them that I distinctly remember occurred when the ever charming Ms.Beena martin was taking our economics class. It was a hot summer noon and no one except the teacher was interested in the fall and the rise of the PPC curve.

We- the six of us were hibernating at theusual back benches. Our neighboring row belonged to the girls, and the last bench of that row was occupied by Snehal and Yogita. I cannot remember the exact words, but I assume that one of the two was probably discussing some issues which involved the use of word "Brown color". Maybe they were sorting out the color of Sari that they were going to wear or the color on the hair that they were going to apply. Whatever was the point of contention one thing was sure that it had nothing to do with any of us.

What happened next was totally un-expected and un-heard. As soon as one of my friend who until now was filing his notebook heard the word 'Brown' he turned his face towards Yogita and without blinking an eyelid said " Brown!!! What a co-incidence!! That is the color of the underwear that I am wearing today".

This was followed by a complete pin drop silence from our side and a suppressed giggling from the girls.

There were many such incidents of youthful exuberance that took place in the rooms of 12-c . All such events may have hardly lasted two minutes yet even today they bring a smile on the saddest of days.


All these memories came back into my mind when I was sitting in class room of a school for the CAT paper. Maybe the smell of chalk, the white-dust of the duster and the sight of 'total student -present-absent' that was written on the black board brought back the old days.

Such was the urge to pen down the 6 years old events that I wrote the whole thing while traveling on the metro on my way home. To write I used the only available piece of paper I had with me at that time: the CAT question paper.


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