Monday, April 19, 2010

I, My...

Regret-Not joining IRMA in 2009, Not joining Mundus inspite the Scholarship in 2009

Hate- Not many and its decreasing with time.

Despise- Those who have no compassion for animals.

Wish- Join UN, become a civil Servant ,write a good book,build shelter houses for stray animals.

If I had time machine I would go back to- 1987-1991- when I was in Gujarat, 1991-92 when I was in Ruchika school,Bhubhaneswar, 2000-2001 when I was in Jawahar, 2004-2006- the last few years of college, every moments of years of Abhivykati, to the salsa class of 2003, to the Doha time of 2006.

Wonder where are- Vasudha,Romila,Mit Basa,Lariss,Miss Anne,Lopamudra.

Feel things that should have happened- Time should have stopped in 2001,S.S would have remained the same.

I Miss- Kerwan time, Appan sirs tuition, class of 12 C, those time of Magic moments.

Would like to meet- Gabriel Garcia Marques, Orhan pamuk, Dalai Lama.

Moments that would be worthwhile to relive again- the MACT peace match of 2000, Abhivyakti of 2002 with partners from Excellence college, the evening of marriage of my sister, December and January of 2009 .

Teachers I admire- All of my English teachers. Mrs. Kishwar Jahan, Appan sir, Beena madam,B N Trishal sir, Uday Pratap sir, Naidu sir.

One of the saddest day-- when Bela and Sofia passed away, the last day at school.

Love to - Spend times with KK , Idle away at CP and Sector 18 Noida, Coffee at Rajeev chowk CCD, Let my sister pull my leg, Stroll alone in Mussorie,Laze around at my Patna home, Have evening tea with Mom, Dad and Bela, Enjoy a late night gupshup at Shyamla hills, Have a huge family gathering of everyone, go philosophical at Tattenham corner, Have a meaningful dialogue where I just listen, spend hours with my 6 school friends.

Look forward to- Introducing my would be wife to mom and dad, Sending santabanta jokes to my mother in law, Drive around the town with my father in law, have a wedding in a cool winter season, Come home to a smiling wife who is everything to me.

Would do specially for her - Surprise her when she least expect it, Do things that I am embarrassed to do otherwise like carrying her in arms in a busy metro station, Making tea for her and knowingly substituting salt in place of sugar, Disappearing with her for one week without telling anyone, take her to Kerwa, do Garba with her in Abhivyakti, sit with her on the stairs of Jawahar, watch her get scared by Bela,Laze around with her on a secluded beach, take her to Rome, watch the sunset in Greece, make her mad by singing songs of Rafi, write poems for her,Get dropped at office by her, Get a cut above my eyes after a fistfight with someone who teased her J, Watching emotional love stories with her and cry together, watch her dance in her own ladies Sangeet, specially on Mundey Huey Paresan from Love Aaj Kal...

So long...God Bless.


Strena said...

Something in the way moved on.. erased the utopias, isn't it??


Anonymous said...

loved it :) muahh muahh-specially " would like to do for her". Pangs of jealousy building up nandu. Awesome genuine stuff.


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