Saturday, April 10, 2010


It is about thinking how to stay close even when far.
Following when not walking by side.
Missing the person when you are the most happiest.
Not missing every moment but suddenly remembering those moments when you least expect it.
Not being able to forget even when you dont want to remember.
Faintest hint of love coming back makes you glow.
Pretending as if you are as cool as before.
Hoping you laugh with everyone inspite knowing that it will be difficult to.
Smiling when alone.
Pondering how it all started and then how it got over and then wishing it starts all over again.
It is about trying to come close when the distance are long and the paths have faded away.
To hope and continue to hope.
Looking for signs where nothing exist.
Feeling happy when looking at the moon. are in love or rather still in love.

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