Thursday, May 20, 2010

The girl on a moving train

The girl on a moving train
leaving a city poor as she moves to the next

the darkness outside matched by her black eyes
and a white moon that shies away due to her sparkling smile

a blue scarf that makes her appear more reddish
a white strap on her hand
and a lone colorful bangle to make the rainbow complete

songs of birds and of a silent night
are no match for her sweet voice

a casual look turns into an attentive stare
among the moments of attraction that looks to seek through

I watch silently as she speaks of her peaceful life
and of her vivacious life, of her hope and of her dream
and listens my tales of small cities and younger childhood days

the silence of something amiss
of something not the same
of something less than love

the strangeness that comes after the sudden familiarity
and the eager shyness to seek attention

maybe we will meet again
maybe she would not be the same again
neither would i be amazed to see her again
among the countless moments of aimless affection

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