Thursday, April 07, 2011

It's about us... not about them

Corruption has always been an issue. It was before you and I were born and it was present when our forefathers took admission in schools. And we have always wished that it should disappear, but never have we felt this feeling as strong as we feel now that corruption has to go this time.

There is no next moment or another movement for this.

The fast unto death taken up by Anna Hazare has moved the entire nation that has been sulking under the numerous scams that have happened at a amazing periodicity both at the micro and macro level. 

This has been a year of revolution and movements. Egypt,Libiya,Tunisia and many other countries have or are experiencing the evolution of thoughts that have transformed into actions. The unifying factor in each of this country is that the issues that have forced the mass to come on the street are issues that are basic to the daily life of a common man.

Unemployment, price rise, nepotism has ignited the fire inside the man that walks on the street to take notice of the condition around him. Conditions that were always present but were ignored and then neglected and allowed to fester.

Recently when asked whether any such revolution can happen in India, our Prime Minister replied in the negative and said that we are a democratic country where we have the means to redress our problems.  And he was so right.

This very redressal syndrome has forced us to ignore problems. We chose to ignore small issues because we feel that we have the tools to deal with it if the problem assumes gigantic proportion. We ignore when we are asked for small bribe of Rs 100 because we know that if needed we can shout at the person in our polished law college learnt English and write a complaint against him filled with legal dictum and see to it that he faces the music.

If we know that we are capable to stand against them we tend to ignore small things. That’s our nature. And that’s our problem.

We grow up in this corrupted surroundings, we start adapting according to it and learn to either stand against them or ignore them as per our comfort level.

But we have to change that now. And if we chose to ignore it even now then we must also understand that this pan- India feeling of standing against corruption won’t happen again.

You can bleed blue every morning for the next four years and continue to chant Sachin is god and Cricket is my religion but this still colorless, secular and devoided of any god movement will not happen again and if it is not given the strength that it needs now then it won’t stand up  again.

Forget A. Raja or S. Kalmadi and don’t even think that it’s about standing up against the politicians.

It’s about you, me and the likes who work in midst of the endless materialistic possibilities for a good Roti , comforting Kapda and a love filled Makan

Give at-least one try in whatever way you can. Contact your city coordinator and volunteer for the fast. Spread the word. Don’t let it die. Don't just stand up, make your presence felt.

If the government says that this whole debate has become more of Them ( Government) Versus Us ( The common man) then so be it. It's not about standing up against the democratic structure as Kapil Sibal is saying rather its about seeing to it that, that very structure keeps standing rather than wilting down under the overburdening weight of corrupt men and women who are the protectors of this structure.

There will be voices who will discourage the whole movement with numerous arguments and there will be voices that will say that this is one of the many futile movements that start with a candle light march and then are lost in the oblivion.

Do not hear what the other say. Listen to your heart and think about yourself not them.We are in a middle of something very big and the fate of the Country is at stake.

सागर कि ख़ामोशी से यह न समझो 
कि लहरों मैं रवानी नहीं है
जब भी उठेंगे तूफ़ान बन के उठेंगे
शुक्र मना कि हमने अभी उठने कि ठानी नहीं है ...

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