Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Love requires Love

We all have the habit of taking things for granted. And when things go wrong then we start ruing that why we didn’t realize its importance when it was still with us. This is more true when we talk about Love.

For some it’s a kind of cycle. They start neglecting the same person for whom they did whatever they could do to come closer. This neglect is because of this realization that that thing is ours now. Gradually but surely this neglect leads to distances, and by the time any of the two realize, things change. Distances become unfathomable.

And then the same cycle begins. Regret and ruing for not being able to keep the relationship safe.

Is it not better that we give our hundred percent when we are together rather than giving more than hundred percent when we will be apart?

Coming closer, developing mutual love is more difficult than going apart. Something that is with us right now doesn’t asks for anything but attention and more attention.

One must not forget that it is not necessary that since it is with us, it won’t leave us.Complacency in relationship is more harmful than one can imagine.

When we are feeling upset, we seek more love and affection from our partner, but it becomes difficult for they boy/girl to express care and concern if we are snubbing his /her efforts and care. What if someone tells us that one more snub and love dies. Will we rebuke his/her advances again?

A call that is not answered, a sms that is not acknowledged, or a message that was being eagerly awaited but one that did not arrive, are small things. But they go a long way in strengthening love or weakening it. They represent a feeling that was felt for the receiver, only for the receiver.

A feeling that someone is very important to the other’s life is very pleasing and soothing but a feeling that inspite of his/her being there the partner is still not feeling any difference is very much saddening and it hurts deep.

Do not let your one of those moments of bad mood swings destroy your relationship.

Don't expect love to withstand everything. Maybe it will, but why take chance again and again. If love requires hundred collective steps from you and your partner to reach it's home, try to take all those hundred steps by yourself, maybe your partner will also think the same and you will have more love. Why wait for him/her to take the first step or why to assume that since you have covered your part of fifty steps, he/she will cover the rest fifty steps?

Good times are all yours, take it. Don't compare the earlier times with the present time. Who knows, looking back to these very times we will regret for being too busy in ruing and complaining .

Wishing everyone a very happy Valentines day. Love seeks more love, nothing else.

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